Back to School

It’s back to school time for KIDS & MOMS

I’m happy to tell you that I’m working with Dr. Higley at EyeWorks and Jackie at Sta-Fit for Women to offer moms and kids a special back to school promotion.  Start your kids school year off right with an eye exam from Dr. Higley at Eyeworks and get $25 off their glasses.  Then moms, fall is a great time to start new habits for yourself.  Go give Sta-Fit a try with a free week and then come see me at MB Massage and see how making regular massage can decrease your stress and improve your health! Be well, live well with this great fall trio of deals!  Just mention BACKTOSCHOOL2012 to recieve these promotional deals!



Apples & Massages

Apples and MassageApples and Massages

What do apples and massages have in common?  We’ve all heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and there’s evidence to back this up, but did you also know, there’s evidence that a massage every 7-28 days also keeps the doctor away?

This is because massage…


  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Improves circulation
  • Relaxes muscles and eases joint movement
  • Reduces blood pressure


So the moral of the story: eat them apples AND get a massage!



Dowsing Webinars by Carol Gader

Carol Gader Dowsing DiviningCarol Gader of Healthier Lives

August and Fall Webinar’s by Master Dowser Carol Gader
No prior Knowledge of dowsing is required.
If you are a dowser join us and expand your knowledge.  

First Series of three:  

August 20, 2012     8PM  
The Art and Science of Dowsing

Learn and Experience:
The history of dowsing.
How it works.
What it’s used for.
The tools used to get the answers.
The seven levels of dowsing.
Why everyone should learn to dowse.  

August 27, 2012    8PM     
How to Dowse and Get Correct Answers.

How to Dowse:
Practical application of how to dowse.
How to meditate on what you want to find.
Learning how to get yes or no answers.
Finding answers to your most pressing questions.
What makes the tools move.
Fifteen hints for asking the right questions to get accurate answers.

  September 10, 2012    8PM      
How to Dowse for Water.
Finding the Well Site:
Tools used for water Dowsing.
What to concentrate on to find the perfect clean water for the family.
Finding out what you found.  [Aquifer, spring, tributary etc.]
Picking the right spot for the drill or backhoe.
Finding the depth of the water and the gallons per minute.
Is the water willing to be the source for this family?  (It might be supplying the farm next door and not be willing.)

Each Webinar ( either Live or Recorded versions )    $25.00
Series of 7 Webinars ( either Live or Recorded Versions ) $165.00
Purchase of 7 part series, Medium Weight L-Rod with Free Pendulum in Velvet Bag   $190.00 Includes shipping.
Purchase of 7 part series Heavy Weight L-Rods ( doesn’t move in the wind) with Free Pendulum in velvet Bag $209.00 Includes shipping.
To purchase an Individual Webinar or the Series please go to
To learn more about Carol & Al Gader, visit their site, Healthier Lives