My Friend Rocks

Who in your life deserves a massage just because they ROCK? Your best bud, your co-worker, your mom, your husband? Post their picture on our facebook page along with a couple sentences about why they are so great and you’ll both be entered to win an hour massage!

Jump for JOY, Free Massages!

Some of my clients are JUMPING FOR JOY becase they are getting FREE massages!  Maybe you can too.  How? You might be asking.  Check with your HR department at work.  Many of my clients get reimbursed for their massage sessions from their health insurance plan.  Talk to your human resource department today and ask them if you can get reimbursed for massages, too.  The only thing better than a massage is a FREE MASSAGE!


Valentine’s in the Monadnock Region

Looking for ideas for sweet Valentine’s day?  Here are my pics for this year in the Monadnock Region.  How about some of Gemma’s yummy Linzer cookies?  I don’t know about you, but flowers never get old with me! So go get him or her some roses from Anderson the Florist.  Speaking of roses, you could make a weekend out of it and take her to Walpole’s, The Inn at Valley Farm and stay in the Rose Room and top it all off with this fresh water pearl ring from Jayelay Jewelers in Westmoreland!  So, if my valentine is reading this, any of the above will score you brownie points with me šŸ™‚ HAPPY V-DAY TO YOU ALL!