Therapeutic Holiday Gifts

If you’re looking for a few gift ideas this season that are nourishing or therapeutic to the body try one of these!

Pomegranate – Botanics Body Soap with Pomegranate Bits by Threla1.  I’m a big fan of the Threla products, including this Pomegranate soap! You have to try the Golden Dew Facial Lotion, too!  Be good to someone on your list with a gift of Threla. 

2.  Ease away sore muscles with Badger’s Cooling Blend.  I’m a fan of cooling Balm’s, espcially by local badgers!

3.  One of my favorite teas, Egyptian Licorice!  Really all the Yogi Teas are wonderful.  You can get these from their website and if you’re from my neck of the woods, right at Blueberry Fields.

4.  Lastly, this simple foam roller from Gaiam not only provides a good work out but can help someone on your list work out their own tight muscles for an at home massage.

Sore Muscle Rub – Cooling Blend by Badger Balm

Yogi teas, found on the Yogi website or locally at Blueberry Fields here in Keene36″ Foam Roller from Gaiam