With Good Reasons

What are your “good reasons?”  This was a question I asked Marcia Winters from With Good Reasons about her yummy, fresh, locally made, organic granola bars whose business name was born from the good intentions that are inside each healthy snack. With Good Reasons

“When I was brainstorming a name for my business I was thinking about all the good reasons to do it,” she explained. Marcia’s good reasons include being good to the environment through friendly packaging created with recycled paper and soy based ink,  creating a delicious snack or meal that’s organic with ingredients that are fair trade and much of it locally sourced.  After listing these reasons it occurred to her, why don’t I call this company With Good Reasons and there the story begins! Products

Marcia, previously a teacher and cook at the Meeting School in Rindge and an organic cook at W.S. Badger started With Good Reasons in 2007 from her home and today you can find her granola bars all over the Monadnock Region and beyond.  She has six varieties on the market including Orange Dream that has a touch of chocolate, Mystical Mango, Maple Black-Walnut, Mango Madness that has a kick of heat, Almond Coconut and she’s currently in the works creating a new addition to the granola bar family.  Marcia and her son Ian.

Granola bar fans love her granola bars but even more impressive is that those who haven’t traditionally liked granola bars also fall in love with these snacks.  Believe me, when you taste these granola bars you’ll never manage to buy another mass produced bar from the grocery store again!  It’s such a pleasure to bite into them and truly taste the individual ingredients and to experience a snack that’s so fresh!  Marcia actually encourages customers to keep them in the refrigerator to keep them even fresher.  Contact With Good Reasons

In talking about the future of With Good Reasons, Marcia looks forward to designing a future kitchen that is energy efficient and utilizes natural elements to create energy and keep her ingredients cool and she’s working to source even more local ingredients.  She already uses local apples, maple syrup and honey.  Her packing is printed locally and even the wooden display boxes are locally made!  Display Boxes made locally.

So where can you purchase these healthy snacks?  They are popping up all over the place!  For a full list of where to purchase visit her website. You can also purchase them directly from Marcia on her website or go say hello to her at the Keene Farmers Market where in addition to the granola bars she offers the most addictive nut mixes and granola.  Any time we come home with a jar of the nuts they never last beyond a day!  They are crazy yummy!  They are light, crunchy, mildly sweet and seriously addictive!  

So what are your good reasons?  As a business owner and massage practitioner this year I’m asking myself the same question.  What are my good reasons and goals for 2013.  One goal I have for MB is to source my business “ingredients” locally and support other local businesses.  This month Marcia and I are partnering to give my clients a sample of her yummy work.  Each of my clients who visit this month will leave with a free granola bar.  A massage and a snack, who could ask for anything more!