Halloween Office Zombies

Do you ever look over at your co-worker and think they look like a ZOMBIE? Their shoulders are shrugged, arms out in front of them typing away, their head is leaning forward and they look like they’re in pain?

BEWARE! They may be turning into an office ZOMBIE!  Save them while there is still time.  Save them before they get stuck in that position FOREVER!  

Send them to MB Massage Studio and we’ll work the kinks out! 

Happy Halloween!

SCM Stretch

If you sit in front of your computer or car all day you likely could have tight SCMs (Sternocleidomastoids). I talk to many of my clients, who due to their work their shoulders come forward followed by the head.  If you need to stretch your SCM, view this video and try this.

Voorhees Massage Therapy Self Neck SCM stretch

Healthy Monadnock Champions

I was happy to attend the Healthy Monadnock Champions event last night at the Keene High School.  It was great to see the schools, businesses, organizations and individuals including children who are leading the way for our region to become the healthiest community by the year 2020.

If you, your school, business or organization want to become a champion find more info here!