Employee Wellness

It’s a great way to show your staff that you value the work they do and their personal health.  In addition this benefit is a great selling point to potential employees as well.

Employee Benefits

  • stress reduction
  • reduces fatigue
  • headache reduction
  • eases tight muscles used repetitively at work
  • helps with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • reduces mental fog

Employer Benefits

  • stress reduction + health improvements mean fewer sick days
  • employee retention
  • attracts prospective employees
  • an affordable benefit that can be shared with the employees
  • employee morale boost

How it works
If you are a business owner or HR/wellness director contact Missy to set up a phone consultation to make the arrangements to bring this great wellness benefit to your workplace.  We can find a plan that will work for your business.  Some businesses choose to pay for this service, some have their employees pay for this service, and others split the cost with their employees.

Contact Missy at (603) 283-8443 or contact@mbmassagestudio.com