Tight Budget?

I understand the constraints of the budget!  I do not offer a sliding scale but offer a few options for those on a tight budget.  Thirty minute massages are one of these options.  My therapeutic massages have options for thirty minutes and can be very effective.  A thirty minute treatment typically will NOT be a full body massage but I’ll be able to work on your problem area.

I also offer chair massage.  I do chair massage onsite at work places but I can also do this in my studio.  I charge $1 a minute for chair massage and a good 15 minutes can be an effective way to treat neck and back tension.  Chair massage is done fully clothed which makes it convenient for some. – See more at: http://www.mbmassagestudio.com/faqs/faqs/im-on-a-tight-budget-but-would-like-to-get-a-massagedo-you-h.html#sthash.mKTcGZTT.dpuf