SCM Stretch

If you sit in front of your computer or car all day you likely could have tight SCMs (Sternocleidomastoids). I talk to many of my clients, who due to their work their shoulders come forward followed by the head.  If you need to stretch your SCM, view this video and try this.

Voorhees Massage Therapy Self Neck SCM stretch



Oh, that dreaded question!  “So do you stretch?”  Uh…sometimes….  Of course there are some people who build it into their daily routines.  Myself, I’m still working on it, but it’s truly so important.  It shares many of the same benefits as massage to the body and it’s something that doesn’t have to take long.  I’ve started a pin board of stretches on pinterest, each one specifically chosen for their benefits. So check them out & keep checking back as I’ll be adding to them.

One of my personal favorites is this hamstring stretch, because it is done WITHOUT having to get down on the floor.  I think some of us avoid stretching due to the ways we were taught to stretch.  Getting down on the floor can be uncomfortable and strenuous on other parts of our body–which is a deterrent for sure.

Hope you try a few.  Enjoy!